Trailer Power Station

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Product Name:Trailer Power Station

Product Details

The power range of POWER trailer power station is from 10—500KW. Gensets use Weichai, Deutz, Cummins, Perkins brand engine, matched the famous alternator, and the manufacturing and inspection of generating sets fit GB/T2820 standards.

Product Characteristics:

  1. Fully sealed box structure is used, with rain, snow, frost, dust-proof function, can work in harsh environments.
  2. Easy to move, speed reach to 80km/h, is suitable for long-distance rapid emergency power supply.
  3. Noise reduction structure for intake and exhaust is used, to ensure the stable operation of the unit at rated operating conditions.
  4. Noise reduction performance, scientific design, advanced manufacturing technology, low noise processing for compartment and exhaust system, noise reduce to 75-85db(A).
  5. Easy to move, good security performance, with emergency stop switch in a prominent position outside; all operating components are fixed in the most convenient location; unit start battery with floating device, to ensure gensets be on standby at any time. 
Application Range :

POWER trailer generator sets are widely used in open spaces and outside power site as a common or standby power. At present, POWER trailer type generator sets are widely used in national security, telecommunication, plateau, mining, etc.

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